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Your story is about love and appreciation – let us help you tell it! The best shots come from being bold and letting the emotions of the moment shine through. With Michael Monaco Photo, you can trust that your light will be captured in a way that feels honest and true to you.


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Product / E-Commerce

Where bold and creative photography meets luxury. If you're seeking for your product to make an IMPACT, then I'm your guy. Whether it’s a sleek new gadget or a luxurious piece of jewelry, I will work with you to create stunning product images that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

E-Commerce / Fashion

Our e-commerce fashion photography is a testament to our creativity, and our commitment to producing accurate and exciting images. Having worked with brands like Hart General Stores, Suzy Shier, Le Chateau and Flair we are experienced in working with you every step of the way to ensure that your light shines through in every photograph. 

Where I turn my passion for photography into bold and creative automotive art. My goal is to capture the unique beauty of each car, showcasing it in the best light possible and reflecting the brand and luxury of the vehicle.