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Director of Photography / Camera Operator

The Intruder was a short exercise in attempting to produce a chilling, thrilling environment using only light and acting as driving elements. Though sound and editing helped in rounding out the entire film, we truly prioritized deep shadows and strong contrasts to drive the sense that the viewer and the actor are caught in space that they thought they knew, but don't know at all.


Production Assistant

Lost Symphony is a project that I had the pleasure of taking part in! It is the recounting of a young girl's growth and eventual decline as a concert cellist. The work is beautifully rendered with an emphasis on light and intimacy with the instrument and the player. A simple piece but with deep meaning.


Camera Operator / Editor

Namaste is a documentary portrait on the journey of a former Montreal Journalist turned travelling Yoga instructor, Gisele Keto. A lovely character and a fun experience!


Production Assistant / Graphic Designer

A music video by Toronto rapper Myer Clarity. An exciting opportunity to work with Rubicon Pictures and Media, a Montreal-based production company. This was mostly an opportunity to work on a professional set and provided me with the initial motivation to work in this industry!


Drone, Camera Operator / Editor

Simple Solitude is a portrait of one of the most beautiful tree species in Montreal: the weeping willow. This short video is an opportunity to consort with the beauty of Montreal's Old Port and it's green spaces, along with a long willow amongst a bunch of oaks.

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